Two Tiger Masks

Masks are a suggested donation of $15-$25 each. Times are uncertain so I’m asking people to pay on a sliding scale according to their ability. If you’re completely unemployed, ask me about a friends and family discount. I want us all to be healthy and keep others healthy. 

All masks are mostly cotton, have an adjustable head strap, and have a form-fitting nose guard. We sanitize your mask before packaging, and wear gloves during the process. You can sanitize it at home either by putting it in the dryer for 30 minutes, or by washing with soap and water. They can go in the washing machine, but hand washing and air drying will extend their life. Masks are made as ordered on a first come, first serve basis.  

There are two types of masks:

Clinical – wide, pleated design, like a surgical mask

Ninja – Face-fitting design, suited for the general public. This style can be made with upgrades: you can get a built-in filter pocket, or a sturdy support frame to keep fabric away from your nose mouth for $25. You can also get both upgrades for $30.

Place order

Please click HERE to place your order, and we will get masks to you as soon as we can. Orders placed today should be done in 7-10 days. Please note – there are nationwide shortages of some mask materials, and the increased demand for masks has overwhelmed suppliers and distributors. I will let you know if we hit a snag that will slow down your order. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for supporting Bill and I, and helping the world create new frontiers for functional fashion. And wash your paws!